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Regina Lee, MD
Family Heath of South Texas, San Antonio

As a family physician, I have evaluated thousands of patients for acute and chronic pain and
have referred countless patients for physical therapy over the years. I became interested in
techniques like counterstrain therapy several years ago looking for alternatives that would help
several difficult cases of chronic pain that had not been resolved with traditional physical
therapy. I was overjoyed to meet Joe Switzenberg 3 years ago and he has had great success
improving the function and pain of many of my patients.
He has personally resolved chronic pain in my neck, hand and foot acquired 30 years prior in a
sports related injury. His techniques are gentle and effective. After my first visit, I had a slight
headache for a day and a different pain in my hand. Although my chronic pain felt better, my
hand had a slight throbbing sensation for a few days. He warned me that counterstrain
technique often allows other areas of myofascial pain to become apparent and that this was not
unusual. After my second treatment, the throbbing sensation in my hand disappeared and by
the third visit, my hand pain was gone. This greatly improved my quality of life and allowed me
to resume working without discomfort. After hearing about my experience, my mother decided to
come to San Antonio to experience this for herself. She has been a classical pianist for over 60
years which has placed a great deal of stress on her joints. After 6 sessions with Brian
Switzenberg, she returned home with great improvement in her neck, hand, back, and knee
pain. It has not yet returned.
When people ask me what I would do in their shoes if I were suffering from soft tissue injury and
pain, I begin by recommending Texas Manual Therapy. It is gentle, efficient, and highly effective.
Regina Lee, MD
Family Health of South Texas

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